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  • Do you want to make sure you add the most value to your home while still keeping your budget minimal?

How do i know if this guide is for me?

  • Are you wanting to make sure you use the spaces in your home effectively

  • Have you just purchased a home and are now wanting to know how to add value?

  • Are you thinking about marketing your home and curious about what finishing touches might help your sales result?

  • Do you want to make sure your house is ready to make the most from the market when you are ready to sell?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you will get value from our guide

What Will I Learn?

  • The key attributes that appeal most to buyers

  • The most effective places to spend money on preparing your home

  • How to dress different rooms to make best use of space

  • What color schemes and furniture will appeal to your market of buyers


The the back page gives you a FREE checklist to help you make sure you prepare your own home to attract full value. 

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1) 100% client satisfaction

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We work hard to deliver for our clients, so we hope you find the tips we share with you helpful in getting great prices for your home.

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